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Do You Ever Wish You Could Hit the Pause Button?

Here are five tips to help you reclaim your day by pressing the pause button. Remember when video recorders came along and for the first time we could pause the action to answer the phone or make a cup of tea? What a boon that was. But at work it is almost as if the opposite is true, there doesn't seem to be a pause button for email, mobile phones, and multiple demands.

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A Simple Guide to Staying Well

As a 'thank you' for the support I've had from readers since I started this blog, I have published my definitive guide to to staying well. (I can't be sure that it really is definitive, but then nothing really is). Maybe it's more of a thoughtful guide, at least I hope, thought-provoking. I'd add an emoticon but there isn't one for tongue-in-cheek (is there?).

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Career Happiness? It Is Achievable says Adele Leah

Career happiness? Yes you can! In this engaging conversation Adele Leah explains the practical steps to take if you want to find greater fulfilment in your job, and career happiness.

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