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Comedy as therapy has a lot going for it.

When Life gets too serious it can be a bit of a downer.

Watch two hours of your favourite comedian. Youtube is great for that.

Repeat the prescription daily, as necessary. You can reduce the dosage progressively as you begin to notice yourself lightening up.

In a crisis, if you have no way of watching comedy videos at that moment, simply smile and repeat to yourself “It doesn’t matter”. If you don’t even have time for that, you can shorten it to “Hey- ho!”.

One Response to “When It All Gets Too Serious”

  1. I believe that anything that makes you laugh is a great healer. That’s why they invented Laughing Yoga!! Laughing releases endorphins which in turn make you feel happier, or at least that is my understanding. I’ve learned when I am down that watching something sad on TV, or reading a sad book pulls me down all the way. Slap stick comedy is especially helpful as you really can help laughing at it!

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