Punctuate your day

We can all benefit from time to step back from what we are doing and check on how we go about it. This is extra-relevant when you are doing something routinely, as when you’ve done something for a long time without thinking about it.

You may have overlooked that there’s a better way, or even that the task is no longer necessary (for example tying your child’s shoelaces (literally and metaphorically) long after they have learned to do it for themselves.

We’re in an age when we are all so busy and – if many of the contributors to the weekend colour supplements are anything to go by – we are complaining about a rising tide of angst about it. One way to lessen the pressure is to stop doing unnecessary things.

Some people experience a little difficulty with that though. When you stop doing anything that you’ve been used to doing, it leaves a gap. Gaps are necessary little vacuums that are meant for enjoyment. But in order to see them that way, you have to be receptive to them.

If you accept them as a new way of punctuating your day, they’re a blessing. On the other hand, if are uncomfortable with gaps, you might start to feel a little queasy, and try to fill them with more routine.

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