Couples Retreats is now LIVE

There is a shortage of couples retreats in the UK, and we are doing something to address that.

When a couple’s relationship begins to fail, research shows, they struggle for an average of six years before they seek help. Sadly, this is too late for many. Others do better, but they simply soldier on regardless; we frequently hear of long-term partnerships which, though unhappy, are judged as ‘successful’ simply because the couple have managed to stay together, despite their unhappiness.

Keeping your relationship healthy and vibrant should be the first task for any couple. Your relationship is your most precious resource. It should inspire and support you as you go through life; nurture and heal you as you face the inevitable challenges and trials that living brings. Your relationship shouldn’t be a place on unspoken tensions, disappointments, or hardships faced alone.

Happy Valentine

Today is an appropriate moment to launch Couples Retreats. Using our combinedcouples retreats resources, my wife Angela and I have brought together our areas of expertise (holistic massage and brief therapy).

Building on the knowledge we gained from running our ecotherapy retreats (InnerLandscapes), our experience as Airbnb hosts, and the beautiful and inspiring area we live in, our two- and three-day retreats will enable busy couples to step of the treadmill of daily demands and create some space for the essential maintenance that keeps successful relationships healthy and vibrant.

Is this a good idea?

All relationships need maintenance in order to thrive and prosper. However good your relationship with your life partner. it will always need attention to remain the close bond you created at the start. A couples retreat is a way of ensuring that.

Is this a useful idea? Take a look at our new site, and please let us know what you think.

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