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It is a manager’s job to rally the troops and keep morale and productivity up in these gloomy times, but this is easier said than done. As the credit crunch became reality and the global economy went into free-fall, extreme negativity crept into all areas of our working environments. Some offices almost became no-go areas as staff waited for the other shoe to drop. Employers didn’t help with their knee-jerk cutting of privileges, cancelled travel orders and slashed expense accounts, and the media screamed ‘Panic!’
Of course, gloom and doom don’t have to take over, but, in times of crisis nobody likes stand out as the only cheerful person in the office.

This workshop will show managers how to use ‘closet cheerfulness’ to raise morale and keep staff productive. You can learn the secrets of Covert Humour; appear to join in with the negativity while secretly sabotaging it. Before you know it staff will be going home singing without even realising what they have got to be cheerful about.
Book this course today. You owe it to yourself, you owe it those loyal staff who soldier on, unprotected from the depressing waves of negativity they face each day.

Managers, this workshop will help you:

Break the link between world events and unhappiness
Get in touch with your inner comedian
Understand how to positively influence office morale
Resist the cheap pleasures of schadenfreude
Help your staff find new purpose when all seems to be lost
Keep smiling (without anyone knowing).


  • Pervasive negativity, a challenge to the cheerful
  • Media frenzy, and the risks to our psychological well being
  • For the positively impaired, three ways to be really unhappy
  • How to be a good ‘nay sayer’ while keeping yourself sane
  • How taking control of your happiness will keep you healthy
  • The link between happiness, health and productivity
  • Positive psychology, the science of living well
  • How to join in the bad news with becoming part of it
  • What is ‘Covert Humour’?
  • How to puncture negativity without anyone realising
  • Five easy ways to lift your mood in a depressing environment
  • Closet Cheefulness: quick boosts for those challenging moments
  • Guerilla comedy, strike first and have the last laugh
  • Schadenfreude; gloat or sympathise, the choice is yours
  • How to develop a secret smile.

What people say

“I’ve often thought it would be more fun to be cheerful, but I never dared, until now.”
Dispatch Manager

“Thank you. Now I know nothing matters I can sleep at night (and maybe some of the day too)”
Senior manager

”I’ve been grumpy and negative for so long my staff it would unsettle my staff to change now. Now I know how to do it without them noticing.”
Just Managing

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