Dealing with uncertainty causes a lot of… well, uncertainty. It shouldn’t, because not much is certain in Life.  We’re all at it most of the time – dealing with uncertainty I mean – so maybe we should do more to celebrate our competence and abilities, and spend less time worrying.

Because we do worry, don’t we? It’s often said that we don’t like change, but look around you. Better still, look back through your own life. If there has been one constant it’s that you have been successfully dealing with the uncertainty of change since you were born.

The more we recognise our successes the more of them we appreciate. Even if we don’t actually HAVE more successes, it certainly seems that way, and that’s a good feeling (it also helps re-train the mind which reduces anxiety, among other things).

Some people make a bit deal about dealing with uncertainty, but what they are generally doing is getting themselves worked up about something that’s going to happen anyway. They notice the worry and the hoo-hah that goes with it. When the change actually happens they generally adapt with colours flying. We are adaptable and dealing with uncertainty is something we do well.

Conversely, fighting and resisting the ebb and flow of change is like trying to influence the tides. The effort that goes into the struggle is a distraction, and it spoils what could be a joyous celebration of new opportunities. The problem here is that, when you are engaged in a struggle, you don’t have much time for anything else (like celebrating growth and planning an exploration of what lies ahead).

Every step we take in Life is uncertain. Celebrate it and get on with it. Spend less time worrying and you’ll spend more time exploring. As well as peace of mind, with luck, you’ll garner the admiration of those around you when they notice how good you are at dealing with uncertainty.