personal resilience

Resilience refers to the robustness in individuals, teams and organisations that enables them to perform consistently in times of unexpected or high demand. The ability to ‘bounce back’ ensures continuity and gives a critical strategic advantage to the business, but also helps protects the individuals it employs. 

This webinar provides an overview of personal resourcefulness, introduces attendees to notions of resilience and suggests some practical steps towards developing greater personal psychological and emotional resilience.


  • Keys to person resilience 
  • Resilience is built on learnable skills 
  • Self-awareness and a learning attitude 
  • Understanding your own strengths 
  • 7 habits shared by highly resilient people 
  • The value of social support and interaction 
  • Life as a learning process 
  • Toxic habits to avoid 
  • Transforming demand into challenge 
  • Develop goals and a sense of purpose. 


Grasp the component elements of personal resilience

Understand the learnable aspects in resilience

Learn which of these aspects are strongest in them and which could be developed

Consider the vital roles of attitude and outlook in maintaining resilience. 

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