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Difficult People; a Guide to Handling Difficult Behaviour

I’m getting some great reviews for Difficult People, now out on Kindle. The book has proved to be a great resource for many people, and sharing these readers’ comments with you is the best way I could think of to promote it.

“I was attracted to it by the style of writing. Easy to read and I was drawn in by the narrative style and the frequent case studies; the trump card, for me, is the scripts for handling the seven different types of ‘characters’ outlined in the second half of the book. I think everyone should read this book, and I’ve passed it on to my kids, who are just starting out in their careers. I wish I’d had it at their age.”


Reading it was like a breath of fresh air. While acknowledging that some people can be really difficult it wastes no time with the blame game, attacks or ‘getting even’. The book emphasises taking control of yourself in order to tackle the behaviour you find difficult. And that’s the second point, targeting the relationship between myself and the other person gave me a way in that I hadn’t considered. I must add that it’s helped me in ways I hadn’t expected; dealing with difficult a family member has become much easier.”

“As I work with customers face-to-face I found it very applicable and easy to get into. The author gets his points across in clear and insightful ways. Reading it has actually helped me a great deal not just in work situations, but in my personal life too. I’ve actually been able to identify issues with friends (and those people on the edges of my social circle with whom I have had a strained and stressful relationship in the past), and been able to work through these issues in different ways. I’m very pleased to have a copy!

My sincere thanks to everyone who has left a review on Amazon. These are just a selection, you can see more reviews here.

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