Disputes at work are an expensive waste of time if not handled correctly. While clashes and disagreement are a fact of life, in a healthy workplace they don’t have to escalate to the sort of conflict that causes disruption, lowers morale, and hits productivity.

Low-level spats are mostly managed or worked round by the individuals involved. However, this assumes a level of ability and willingness in among colleagues. Where one or both of these is lacking (almost inevitable as conflict escalates), the job of calming things down and bringing the dispute to a close will fall to a manager.

The keys to handling disputes at work are available to any competent communicator, yet surveys show that this is one area of their role where managers are least confident.

This video summarises my thinking on how to handle disputes at work. It is an interview I gave to Skillboosters, in the course of some other work I was doing for them.

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