workplace bullying

A Workplace Webinar

As a manager, the pressure of dealing with the emotive topic of ‘Bullying’ can be daunting. Balancing personal feelings, ensuring that cultural and social differences are respected, ensuring organisational interests are protected, and acting within the law, can be challenging. In this webinar participants learn how to handle these situations with confidence, and to more easily identify bullying behaviour and the appropriate steps to take for effective resolution. 

This webinar provides a sound framework for managers responsible for staff. This module has been specially designed to help them understand and recognise the dynamics of bullying. It also equips attendees with ideas on improving communications in order to avoid appearing ‘heavy handed’ when instructing and supervising staff, particularly where deadlines and other pressures are involved. It also covers the statutory obligations towards staff, how to protect them and the interests of the organisation.


  • Introduction and expectations
  • Bullying and harassment: definitions
  • Bullying: occupational risk factors
  • Bullying checklist, how staff perceive it
  • The manager’s dilemma: support staff and get results
  • Effective communication around workload and deadlines
  • Appropriate responses to accusations of bullying
  • Three strategies for reducing false accusations
  • Conflict resolution or mediation, when to get help
  • Protecting the staff and the organisation.


Improve their awareness of bullying issues

Recognise the risks in yourself and and others

Understand the Health and Safety and legal implications

Develop strategies for using the manager’s role responsively

Know when and how to intervene if bullying is reported

Feel more confident in discussing the topic with staff. 

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