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I don’t know if all dogs are eternal optimists, but mine certainly is, and once again he’s given me a lesson for life.

His optimism means that all our comings and goings are met with a permanent and rock-solid expectation that he’ll be included in everything we do, especially if it involves leaving the house.

This means that he gets taken on lots of trips that he otherwise wouldn’t. He also works on the assumption that I need to go for a walk at least six times a day, and he optimistically reminds me of it. Although it doesn’t work every time, this strategy means that he gets more walks than he would if the decision was left to me alone.

Apart from showing me how optimism pay off, he’s also taught me that, even though I often don’t realise it, I need regular breaks from intellectual tasks that require concentration and focus, and I have to get out more.

How it works for him is that his constant optimist means that he creates many opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t happen.

4 Responses to “Dogs Are Optimists”

  1. This is such an uplifting post for animal lovers like me. It put a big smile on my face just imagining your dog 🙂 and of course the underlying message is very valuable. Greetings, Sam

  2. Dogs are good like this – I couldn’t be without mine! They also manage my life – I would be really lazy without them, and although I usually always have a happy and positive outlook on life they just up the ante…they keep me smiling and laughing a lot and if I have to tell them no, they show me they understand by lying their heads on my feet, or my lap, give me a lick and go back to sleep — for 10 more minutes!!

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