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Some people can’t stand small change, they call it things like ‘shrapnel’ and ‘junk’. Then there are those who were admonished to “look after the pennies” in order to ensure prosperity.

I come somewhere between the two; some days I like small change, other days I think it’s a nuisance. Either way, I know it’s there, and I can’t ignore it.

In life, it’s the same. The pile of dough you set your sights on seems too far away. When you have a big ambition, it’s hard to see how small steps will eventually lead you to it.

But small change generates bigger change. It’s exponential; like compound interest, small changes grow ever more rapidly.

Though keeping the bigger picture or the end-point in view is important, it can be daunting, so never lose sight of how important small change is.

3 Responses to “Don’t Neglect the Small Change”

  1. A great Blog – thanks Barry. A timely reminder for me as I TRY to loose some weight. Every pound lost, although it seems a small amount will add up to a stone lost eventually. 🙂 One of my mottos in life is ‘manageable chunks’. Looking at a big change can be daunting but breaking it down into small manageable small steps DO make a difference.

  2. Thank you.
    Why not Go metric? Grammes are smaller than ounces, but they add up to kilos, which are bigger than pounds.

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