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Join me on Tuesday 16 April for this free webinar

Emotional Intelligence – five key elements which determine how well you handle yourself in life, and how well you are able to understand and get on with others.

Emotional Intelligence is a defining quality in people who do well in their domain. It is the cornerstone of resilience, self-awareness, and managing emotions. And it’s a key indicator in effective parenting, personal wellbeing, and professional success.

This concise webinar will describe the five elements of Emotional Intelligence in real-life situations. It will tell you how to use them to build your confidence and capability. You’ll be provided with links to tools for evaluating your strengths and exercises to develop them further.

Emotional Intelligence is backed up by a huge body of research which shows that these skills can help you:

  • Get on better with others
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Manage yourself with confidence
  • Make better decisions
  • Handle stress and pressure
  • Motivate yourself
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Interact with others more effectively.

Log in to this live webinar at 7.30 pm (UK time) on Tuesday the 16th of April. You can join from your computer or any portable device with web access. It should be fun, I hope you can make it.

You can register for this event now:


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