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“Powerful Simplicity”.

“I wish I could think of the word to describe both what it (this event) actually is and what it created but I think they are both too sublime to put into words!”

“Thoroughly recommended for anyone wanting to reassess their approach to life in a non-threatening environment.”

“A lovely space to begin to think about looking afresh at your future choices and directions.”

“Being with like-minded people in a beautiful environment and being asked some challenging questions was nourishment for my soul.”

“A lovely event totally enhanced by the beautiful location and lunch. An opportunity to begin to think about where am I and where do I want to be.”

“It gave me a day away, it felt like a treat, gave me space.”

“I knew I would enjoy this day and I wasn’t disappointed. The sun shone and the participants smiled as we opened to life in a beautiful room in a delightful hotel in a stunning landscape.”

“What did I appreciate? Barry’s talks; the hotel environment; the fact that the day was organised for me and I didn’t have to think about it; the sunshine; the countryside and the walk; and the opportunity to meet new people and hear about their lives.”

“Thank you! The two days we spent together gave me time to think constructively, and an opportunity to consider alternative ways of considering problems and issues.”

“Attending this event was inspiring. It has reminded me how to slow down, to go with the flow of life, rather than trying to force things to happen, and to trust the process!”

“I found one of the most helpful benefits of my experience was in understanding that going through a transition with all of the emotions and changes that come with it is a process not to be afraid of, but to live through it and understand there is a reason for it. The Retreat gave me confidence in finding my way ‘in the dark’ so to speak.”

“I found the walks unexpectedly enlightening that something so simple can help to provide clarification and a way.. I enjoyed sharing the time with other people going through similar experiences of transition. I found it very useful to have Barry to be a ‘guide’ on the ‘journey’, his knowledge and relaxed expertise is very helpful.”

“The Retreat has changed my outlook and helped me improve my Inner Landscape enabling me to positively change my Outer Landscape. This week (3 weeks later) I have two work situations which have presented themselves that I feel perfectly attuned with, something needed to change inside for me to recognise what’s needed on the outside.”

“Taken in isolation, each individual event may sound unimportant. However, taken all together, within a group of like minded people, and with Barry’s lead, this became a very powerful experience.”

“This event offered me the opportunity of experimenting with mindfulness, journaling and discussion with like-minded people within a relaxing and attractive environment. the exercises enabled me to view my work and relationships and family with a different perspective.”

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