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I hope the trials of the pandemic have not been too hard on you. We’ve all had a lot to deal with over the past year.

Lockdown rules are constantly changing as the governments struggle to control the spread of Coronavirus. This means that we are having to rely on our inner resources. It is a tough and testing time for us all, and how you approach it will decide how you experience it.

People, we, are genearally more resilient than is recognised. Unfortunately, this isn’t reflected in the media at the moment. The news seems to be dominated by stories of ‘mental health issues’ and emotional vulnerability. This is not a true reflection of what history has shown us about how robustly societies deal with crisis.

Nevertheless, in this situation, it has to be recognised that some people are finding it extremely difficult to plough on amidst new rules, changed routines, job job losses and financial hardship. This is why I offering free counselling during the pandemic.

This highly unusual situation is taking its toll on us all. Last year I published guidance on the steps you can take to keep yourself occupied, emotionally stable, and even on a positive track to self-improvement. 

But as the situation rolls on far longer than expected, some of us are feeling that our normal coping mechanisms are stretched to the limit. The effects can creep up on you, which is why, if you are seeing any signs like disturbed sleep, difficulty controlling your mood, or any emotional or psychological symptoms that are new to you, you should take action immediately.

I’ve also written in the past about the tragedy of people in need of help not getting the support they need, simply because they don’t ask for it. 

If you are feeling the impact of the pandemic, to a point where you are worried about any aspect of your wellbeing, don’t wait. It is good advice to reach out sooner, rather than suffering in silence as you struggle on. 

If someone has a broken they don’t hesitate to get professional treatment to fix it. It is not a personal failing to seek qualified help and emotional support for a broken spirit.

Free counselling support

I’m offering free counselling support during the pandemic so, if you are feeling the strain or haven’t been managing too well, contact me for a chat via Skype or Zoom. All I need is your name and your email address on the form below. I’ll reply by email, we’ll agree a convenient time to talk, and I’ll send you a Zoom invitation.

It’s that simple.

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