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Is it possible to be free from guilt? Probably not, unless you have a piece of the puzzle missing. But, and it’s a big one, over the years a lot of people have asked me how to be free of guilt. This made me feel inadequate, partly because I don’t feel guilty very often (though my dog can do it to me with THAT look), and partly because when I do feel guilty, it’s probably justified, and so right that I do.

Then I began to notice that I was feeling a little guilty about feeling inadequate about not being able to feel that I could answer the questions about how to be free of guilt. Then one day (could it happen any other time?), I had an idea to write a course entitled… you guessed it, How to be Free of Guilt.

Earlier in the year (was it? It seems longer ago), as part of my research I published a post entitled It’s Guilt, But I Can’t Do It Properly, I wrote asking for help with guilty feelings, and added a questionnaire. I wasn’t asking for help with MY guilty feelings, I wanted to know about yours.

The response was immediate, and I gathered some really useful (and some sad) comments. Thank you to those who responded. Now the big day is coming and in January I will finally publish my online course How to be Free of Guilt.

I’m telling you now because you’ll be able to access it FREE for a there will be a period when it goes live. This is to promote the course, but also because I’d like your reactions and feedback.

So this post is the amber light. ‘GO’ will happen early in January… watch this space.

3 Responses to “If You Feel Guilt I Need You”

  1. Thank you for this, and for all your comments through the year.
    I’m planning to release the course early in January.
    Happy Christmas from all of us at`mission Control.

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