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BEST FOOT FORWARD – Positive Steps to a Happier and Healthier New Year

Denton Island Community Centre, Newhaven, East Sussex, 8th January 2019, at 11.30 am

This free workshop consists of a three-hour session that will give you all you need to turn your New Year’s Resolutions into achievable and fulfilling outcomes.

Most New Year’s resolutions fail after a few weeks. That’s because most people go about them the wrong way. We fail because we don’t know how to turn our best intentions into tangible and satisfying results. Start out on the right foot as you move into 2019.

Whether it’s a healthier you, a new hobby, a change of job, or even a complete lifestyle change, you’ll succeed when you know how to go about it. This free workshop will tell you how.

You’ll learn:

  • Tactics to build inspiration and self-confidence
  • The three main reasons that resolutions fail
  • The popular ‘resolution-myths’ that support failure
  • Five proven steps to make your resolutions stick
  • Achievable ways to monitor progress and build your confidence
  • Simple exercises to change your mindset, for good.


Barry Winbolt MSc is a psychologist, coach, and therapist based in Seaford, East Sussex. His presentations are enlivened by humour and infectious enthusiasm. Over 100,000 people have attended his seminars and workshops on topics such as How to Deal with Difficult People, Personal Resilience, Conflict Resolution, and more. Barry is available for interview: Email here. 

SCDASeahaven Community Development Association works across East Sussex supporting community-based projects aimed at addressing the needs of vulnerable people in the community. This free workshop is open to all.

Contact: Vicki Ashley, Sussex Community Development Association, 01273 519149 or email here.

2 Responses to “New Year Resolutions and Change – a Free Workshop”

  1. I’m not able to make this Barry which is a shame. Any chance for it to be an on line course? (Thanks)

  2. Thanks for your request Ellen. Yes, I’m planning to put the free recording of the course out in a few days, just after the workshop. Best wishes, Barry.

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