A Workplace Webinar

A feeling of fulfilment derives from having a sense of both purpose and meaning. Setting goals is vital, but they must fit within an overall purpose, to give direction. Creating the Life You Want – Goal Setting and Healthy Behaviors guides participants to think about key ideas and practical steps to achieve a more purposeful life, and to cultivate the habits that foster productive and healthy behaviours. This webinar covers goal-setting in Life and in Career.

Deciding purposefully to reconcile personal life goals with those of work and career can seem daunting. But when you understand the relationship between conceptual thinking and concrete outcomes, these two can be aligned to produce achievable and fulfilling goals.


  • How the process of setting goals helps to refine your thinking 
  • Aligning life vision with your work goals
  • Why people so often fail to achieve their goals
  • Goal setting – from ambitions into concrete actions
  • The purposeful life – live and work more consciously
  • Goal oriented attitudes and habits
  • Five steps to new balance
  • How to design goals that you will achieve with certainty.


How the cumulative effect of well-formed goals shapes the course of our life and work

How to take action to create a more satisfactory and successful life

Discover how to align your personal goals with personal growth

Find out how intention creates opportunity

Develop a congruent, personal goal-setting strategy.