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Goat-Crossfit is growing in popularity. If you like goats and have a few lying around, its appeal is obvious. But experts admit that the growth of this latest fitness trend will be limited by the availability of goats, especially in urban areas. Some say that this ‘goat ceiling’ has already been reached.

That’s not stopping Danelle, of Weed ‘Em and Reap, from making the most of what’s available in planning her fitness regime. That goat-crossfit exists at all is down her ingenuity and dedication.

A brilliant example of how wellbeing can be improved at the interface between humans and the natural world.

I don’t know what I admire the most, the goats’ tolerance or Danelle’s sense of humour. One thing’s for certain though, this is a brilliant example of how our wellbeing can be improved at the interface between humans and the natural world.

Some pundits have been speculating that goat crossfit might me the tip of a new iceberg in the trend towards ever more inventive ways to maintain wellbeing. In recent months there have also been reports of goat-yoga and skateboard pilates, for example.

Increasing urbanisation and population densities mean a scarcity of recourses. With record waiting lists of up to two years for gym memberships in some of the World’s larger cities, people are striking back by taking matters into their own hands. Goat-crossfit may just be the start of something much bigger!

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