Goats are clever. Every goat owner knows this.

So goats are back here on my blog. Though this area has been goat-free for some months now, goats have never been far from my thoughts. Goats do some strange things, and I’ve even featured tree-climbing goats. Now, one of my (volunteer) researchers kindly sent me a piece of news I couldn’t ignore (Thanks, Angela).

The headline is the clue to this item of heartwarming information. And it makes sense. The intuitively close relationship between people and dogs has evolved over millennia. Dogs can manipulate us (in a good way), and their loyalty is legendary. 

It makes sense

As it seems that goats were actually domesticated before dogs in our history, then it follows that, as smart animals, they’ve had longer to learn to handle us, hence the goats may also be considered a candidate for the title of man’s best friend.

Love? Or something else?

The jury is out as to whether our pets can really love us, but as any caring dog owner will tell you, we don’t need a jury to tell us what we know. ‘Course they do! So would goat owners agree as well?

More work is needed with goats in the area, but the scientists in this article seem to know already, and probably many goat owners do too.

Goats are as loving and clever as dogs, say smitten scientists

If you own goats, what do you think? Please leave me a comment.

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