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The idea of working for number one appeals to a lot of people. There are many ways to work for yourself and almost as many to describe it: becoming self-employed, being your own boss, freelancing, doing your own thing, going solo, breaking out on your own, solopreneurship, living the dream, doing what you were born to do, following your passion…

There’s no doubt that making a living by doing what you love is a dream for many, even though, or perhaps precisely because, it goes hand in hand with taking sole responsibility for yourself and the results. Going self-employed means taking the bad with the good, but self-starters accept that and even find the risks give them energy!

Status and reward

There’s also the assumed status that self-employment brings; it sets you apart from the herd at the same time that it sets you free to make your mark. There are other rewards besides recognition; get it right and your income and prospects will far exceed anything you could hope for working for somebody else.

And while there’s no denying the positive aspects of taking the high-road to the self-fulfilment that only going self-employed can bring, just like any other fable, there are two sides to the story of being your own boss.

Going self-employed is great if you are cut out for it, and even if you’re not you can still make a go of it if you start with your eyes open and the right mindset. Be ready for the hurdles and give yourself the advantage.

Starting a business can bring unexpected emotional stresses, but the pitfalls can be handled if you are ready for them. The personal challenges are something you can plan for if you know what they are likely to be.

How to Be Self Employed

Online Learning – Five Great Ways You Win

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