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Good sleep is achievable for most of us, and yet thousands of people complain about poor sleep. I have met quite a few. If you are one of them there’s a lot you can do. Start with the simple stuff.

The most basic idea is that you should prepare for sleep and enjoy sleeping. And the most essential part of that is that you should sleep in a nice space, which is dedicated to bed-related activities (which is why it’s called a bedroom).

And if that requires tiring activities like clearing out the clutter, redecorating, and shopping for the best bed linen you can afford, so much the better.

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There’s no ‘cure’ for grief because it is not an illness, it’s a natural process of adaptation to changed circumstances.

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My Q&A on Instagram


You can now follow me on Instagram. Send me your questions and I’ll post a video response.  I’ll welcome any questions or comments you have which are relevant to this blog, mental health, wellbeing and personal development. Go to Instagram now

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