I’ve recorded a couple guided relaxation downloads. These short exercises will help you train yourself in the essential skill of relaxing on-demand. These are free for your personal use.

Use these focused, brief relaxation recordings to learn to relax quickly, whenever you feel the need. Two minutes is all it takes to learn to train yourself to enjoy inner calm and comfort, and to boost your energy.

All you need to get started is your computer or ‘phone. Follow the instructions and you can quickly give yourself a feeling of peace and inner calm. Use these guided relaxation downloads regularly, and see how it makes a difference to your energy, creativity and relaxation.

There are two guided relaxation downloads, one of about two minutes and the other around 11 minutes. Enjoy the experience.

Guided Relaxation

Please Note:

Before using these guided relaxation downloads, make sure that you are sitting or lying comfortably, and that you won’t be disturbed

Only engage in this relaxation when you can give it all your attention and it is safe to do so.

You should not try this while you are driving or at a time when your safety requires your full attention.

Use this relaxation process as and when you would like to. Some people do it once a day, many do it before sleeping. Or you can use it to start the day, whichever suits you best.

As you become more proficient you’ll find that you can relax on demand, without using this recording. To get maximum benefit try doing the exercise for a week, at a regular time each day. Enjoy the experience… over to you.