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Lack of confidence isn’t the absence of something, it’s the opposite, the presence of something.

Most people, at some time, have felt unsure about themselves or doubted their abilities. Often this takes the form of ‘lacking confidence’ or being ‘under-confident’. In some people, this can become a mantra which holds them back from realising their potential.

When we are about to try something new – or do anything that takes us out of our comfort zone – we can be assailed by unwanted and intrusive thoughts, feelings and images.

It is the occurrence of these disruptive internal events that causes the problem, or rather, it is the way in which we take notice of these experiences that holds us back.

We all have mental chatter that says things like “I could never do that”, “I’m not good enough”, and “I’ll fail”. Some people also run (and re-run), glorious HD images or video clips about past humiliations or failures. And then there are the feelings…

Becoming aware of these intrusions is the first step to ignoring them. Learn to accept self-doubt and just get on with whatever you want to do (as long as its healthy and doesn’t harm anyone).

Help with Lack of Confidence

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