It may be annoying, but people like to make their own decisions. It’s not only annoying though, it can be destructive too, if it is over-managed. Many family and relationship tensions are caused and maintained because one person thinks that they must make decisions for another person.

Even when the person appears unable or unwilling to decide, that may be their way of making a decision.

It’s hard letting someone you care for (or don’t), do something their own way when – through experience or insight – you know best. But unless there’s a direct threat to life and limb, it’s the safest route, in the long term. Even if there is a risk, perhaps it’s one they need to take. After all, we all need to learn to assess and manage risk for ourselves, don’t we?

Even where you judge that you know what’s best ‘for their own good, safety, wellbeing, or whatever’, remember that while your opinions may be good for you, your judgement can be off the mark where someone else is concerned.

Learning to relinquish control means that two people have an opportunity to grow.