use your imagination

Every ambition starts with the imagination. You could say that everything we do starts with the imagination. Everything, from making toast, to ordering a meal in a restaurant; from searching the job ads to planning a career. From the dating site to the altar. 

Whatever it is, you imagine it before you do it

Take the meal example; as you skim the menu you are also imagining how each dish would look and taste. At the same time, you are scanning for memories of other meals, times you’ve eaten something similar, good/bad associations, and much more. 

Most of this happens outside your conscious awareness, but it all contributes to your decision and even your enjoyment (did the dish match your expectations, were you primed to enjoy it, or had you some reservations even as you ordered?) 

As far as we know, humans are unique in being able to fantasize and use our minds creatively. Whether we realise it or not, our imagination pretty much runs our lives. Used well it benefits us, but it can run riot when left to its own devices.

You know it makes sense

Intuitively, we understand the power of our imagination, but we rarely choose to harness it and we are even suspicious of those who do. Until recently, talk of using creative visualisation or guided imagery would classify you as ‘doubtful’ or even ‘flakey’. 

And yet, pioneers and other successful people have always known about this. Albert Einstein, for example, said: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”.

Paint a picture to win the crowd

Every story paints a picture; effective orators use stories and metaphor to great effect. Politicians have always known that it is imagination – not facts, taxes, threats or promises – that sways opinions and wins the election (or the referendum!). Professional speakers, journalists, writers… professionals who know the power of the story to engage the imagination of their audiences.

Creative visualisation

Creative visualisation is a way of using your imagination to help you create the things you want to happen in your life. The method has been understood for a long time. It has been well-researched, and its value has been proven. It is regularly used by actors, athletes and others to help them improve their performance. It is also is a process of using your imagination to generate mental images and sensations, and gradually altering your feelings. 

Whatever you call it, imagination, daydreaming, navel-gazing, or the more formal visualisation, or mental imagery, your imagination is the most powerful aspect of your brain-power. The more you choose to use it creatively, positively, and in a future oriented way, the better you’ll become at reaching your heart’s desires.

I’m a psychologist, coach, and therapist. All my work is aimed at enabling people to improve personal aspects of their lives and work.