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Poor sleep is reaching epidemic proportions. So many people say they sleep badly that public health researchers are warning of serious cognitive and health consequences of insufficient or poor quality sleep.

If you have insomnia it’s important to realise that you don’t have to suffer. The general guidelines are especially important for people who can’t fall asleep or stay asleep on a regular basis.

Much of the suffering is avoidable. It learning (or re-learning) to sleep well takes a little effort, but it isn’t complicated. Mostly, it’s a question of checking and correcting your habits around bedtime and sleeping. In my experience (with my clients), this often means stopping some of the things which interfere with sleep and introducing a few new routines.

It’s also useful to dispel the myths and false beliefs that interfere with sleep (alcohol before bed is one of several).

Steps to improve sleep

How did you sleep last night? How do you normally sleep? Was last night’s slumber better than usual, not as good as usual… worse? This course will show you how to beat insomnia. It will also tell you how to stop the worry and stress that aggravate sleeplessness.

With the right guidance, you can improve sleep and beat insomnia. This probably sounds like a grand claim if you’ve sffered for years and tried everything. But think about it, the health benefits of improved sleep can be life-changing, or, to put it another way, sleep you can’t afford to ignore it if you sleep badly. Sleep is a necessity, not an option.

It doesn’t take much to upset our sleep patterns; modern demands and lifestyles don’t help (stress is the No.1 culprit here).  But equally, it doesn’t take much to restore healthy habits to improve sleep, if you go about it systematically.

One of the problems is that our daily routines and habits become ingrained with ‘to-do and ‘more-important’ overriding our self-care. Our deeper needs are easily pushed aside by things that seem more urgent.

Self-care costs nothing

We all need a little mid-course correction from time to time, and poor sleep is often the first indicator that we need to stop, reflect, and reconfigure our ides and our habits.

This online course will help you break the cycle, improve sleep, and beat insomnia. However badly you think you sleep, you can start to feel immediate benefits by following the guidance here.

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