rudeness at work, incivility at work

A Workplace Webinar

A growing body of research confirms the many ways that Incivility at work affects employee wellbeing and productivity. As this obviously impacts on factors that employers have an interest in – like employee engagement and retention – it is also in their interest to promote courtesy and respect at all levels within the organisation.

This webinar raises the topic of rudeness and incivility at work, and why everyone, regardless of their grade, is entitled to be treated with respect. Not just because it is nice to be nice, but because being nice pays dividends.

Inciviity can range from overt rudeness, such as personal insults, refusing to share information, ignoring a co-worker, or deliberately withholding information. Experiences with rudeness leave a bigger impression on us than one might think. Incivility creates a bias in the recipient towards future experiences. Whatever name it goes by – lack of courtesy, incivility, or rudeness – such behaviour creates a toxic atmosphere which can eventually contaminate the culture of an organisation.

Most people don’t set out to be rude to their colleagues, but work pressures can cause stress and create tensions where the normal rules of civility are forgotten. By raising awareness of how this can happen, the steps to take to ensure healthy and respectful interactions with colleagues, and how to repair things if disrespect creeps in, this webinar will help promote a respectful and productive interactions within teams and organisations.


  • Incivility – ambiguity below the radar
  • Why we need dignity and respect at work
  • What is disrespect – how it begins
  • How a single slip can escalate (case study)
  • Rudeness is contagious – what the research says
  • Ambiguity and ‘low level’ disrespect
  • The direct and indirect costs of incivility
  • Personal responsibility and organisational culture
  • Courtesy promotes resilience and team cohesion
  • A five-point reminder to ensure civility and respect.


Awareness of how incivility breeds more incivility

Understand the causes and costs of rudeness at work

Courtesy and manners at work will be put on the agenda

More respectful interactions, even under pressure.

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