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There are two types of situation where I think that the old KISS maxim (Keep It Simple Stupid) is worth remembering.

The first is involves any course of action (e.g. making, doing, going). Keeping it simple will help get you started, and in all sorts of ways thereafter.

The second relates to explanations (e.g. reasons, causes, diagnoses); the law of parsimony says that the simplest is the most likely.

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Never Mind What Others Think

what others think

Even though we don’t realise it when we say we know what someone thinks about something, we are guessing. Even mind-reading – in a fairground or on stage – is trickery.

Yet we often allow our own thoughts and behaviour to be goverened by what we claim someone else will think. Maybe it’s time to review what we ‘know’.

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One thing better

Getting things done is not half as satisfying as doing things well. This is because we get personal satisfaction from giving something all our attention, doing it to the best of our abilities, being absorbed in it while we are doing it, and looking back with pride at a job well done.
“Enough time” has nothing to do with it, as you’ll see.

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