kids' sleep routines

I’ve just learned about a new resource to help with kids’ sleep routines.

We all want our children to sleep well, and not just for their benefit. Parents need their sleep too, and a sleepless toddler can have a serious knock-on effect for parents.
Proper sleep is vital for our wellbeing, and regular patterns of sleeping and waking are the foundation of healthy sleep. In children, this is doubly important since sleeping is so crucial for their growth and development.

Kids’ sleep routines

Sleep routines laid down in infancy are the basis for good quality sleep in later life. Parents are naturally concerned about getting it right and encouraging the habits of sleep which they know children need. But this concern for how our children sleep can be tinged with a sense of helplessness when our little ones refuse to sleep as we think they should.

A sleep plan

While there’s a great deal of sleep guidance available for adults – see my online course The Sleep Plan for more info – it can be harder to get solid research-based advice when it comes to our children.

How Much Sleep Do Babies, Toddlers and Kids Need? is a new sleep resource to help parents understand and monitor their children’s healthy sleep routines.

One of the challenges facing parents – particularly first-timers – is developing confidence with boundaries and routines for their little ones. Access to clear and reliable guidance is a boon, especially when it is concise and research-based as this guide is. It covers, for example:

  • The importance of a consistent bedtime
  • When bedtime should be
  • Kids’ sleep requirements by age
  • Natural sleeping and waking times
  • How to know if your child is getting enough sleep
  • Guidance of parents catching up on their own sleep
  • What to do if your child won’t stay in bed
  • How to structure a bedtime routine
  • The importance of naps
  • General sleep problem-solving.

There’s a whole lot more in this guide, so check it out and, if your kids’ sleep routines are a worry, this should help you sort things out.

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