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Barry Winbolt’s Acadamy

Courses and Classes with Tutor Support.

Personal learning and development opens new possibilities with my courses.
They are designed for individual learners which means one-stop booking, easy online access and convenience.

Take each course at your own pace, where and when it is convenient.
They are mobile friendly so you can even do it on your commute!



Become your own life coach and build your skills and knowledge effortlessly with these online courses. They tell you what you need to know on the topic in question and give you the tools to put it into practice right away. Take control of your personal growth and development now.



These mini-courses provide a quick overview of a topic. They include enough info and practical guidance for you to upgrade your skills quickly, in case you don’t have time or are not ready top commit to a full course. You can complete most classes in under 15 minutes.


To help you excel, my eBooks and free Downloads are practical guides to help you improve specific aspects of your life. I’m always here if you need backup, just contact me.


eBooks and guides


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