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If you want to become more resilient there is plenty of guidance on the web. But, actually getting started can be daunting, especially if you are already under pressure from your job, daily life demands, or both.

Rather than launching into yet another to-do list, I’ve found it better to prepare the ground by attending to what’s going on inside you. Here are three resilience tips to help you do that:

1) Develop a Stress Barometer

A good first step if you want to increase your resilience and be able to recognise and manage you life-stress stress well, is to develop what I call the Stress Barometer. This works by helping you learn to recognise and grade your stress levels as you go through each day.

I’ve written a three-step plan to get you started, this post explains it all.

2) Use your Emotional Intelligence

Managing your emotions in positive ways helps relieve stress, communicate effectively, overcome challenges, empathise with others, and defuse conflict.

Your Emotional Intelligence skills determine how well you handle yourself in life and in general. Also known collectively as EI, this set of skills are deciding factors in how well you navigate different areas of life. Like the skills of resilience, those of emotional intelligence (EI) can easily be developed. Most of these skills we possess already, and with practice they can be honed to bring out your potential.

Here’s a short video. If this idea appeals to you, then I have an online course,

Understanding and Developing Emotional Intelligence.

3) Learn about perspectives

When a problem seems too big or complicated, it helps to take a different perspective. It’s all about mindset. Develop your mental flexibility and agility so that you can ‘step outside’ the challenge and view in a new way.
Here are some posts to help you do that.

These three resilience tips are a quick route into developing a more resilient mindset. For more practical solutions stay in touch, subscribe to this blog or follow me on YouTube.


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