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VideoCheck out the preview of my new mindfulness course on Udemy.

There’s a big buzz about how mindfulness can improve your life, and it’s hit the workplace bigtime. It’s easy to see why. We are pulled in all directions by demands, stress, and distractions. It can seem impossible to fully engage in what we are doing, whether it is working, parenting, studying, or simply, living.

Bringing mindfulness into your day is a subtle yet profound shift. It all starts with a few short moments of awareness.

My mindfulness course provides an antidote to our highly-charged lifestyles. In order to keep on keeping up, we also need to take time for ourselves, to rest, recover and renew our energies.

Though many people are curious, there is also a lot of confusion about how to be mindful. This course will clarify things and show you how to quickly test mindfulness for yourself. I hope you’ll be convinced, let me know what you think.

‘Being mindful’ means paying attention to your experience in the present moment brings control of thoughts and feelings and improves mental health and physical wellbeing.

Within minutes of starting this course, you’ll begin to understand the essential simplicity of mindfulness and how to be more in touch with what’s going on inside you and around you.

Through the simple and accessible exercises, you’ll acquire techniques to gain mastery over your thoughts and feelings. You’ll see why mindfulness is now recommended as a route to improved mental health, quality of life, and personal productivity.

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