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In case you are wondering, and even if you are not, here’s a quick video to explain why I set up my online school for personal development.

Over the last couple of years, I have been transferring a lot of my acquired training material, and experience, to a series of online courses. Emotional Intelligence, Difficult People, Conflict Management, and the latest, on Sleeping well, are some of the titles. Several more are in the pipeline.

I set up my school to deliver free and low-cost training for personal development and problem-solving. Like everything I do, all courses are designed to deliver practical skills and information that you can apply in real life. Enrol in the school and you’ll be updated as new titles are added.

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What is dialogue?

Dialogue is interactive communication that builds shared meaning. Compared with discussion – where people present ideas with the idea of putting forward the strongest or most persuasive view – dialogue fosters a collaborative exchange of ideas aimed at mutual understanding. Rather than a competitive collision of opposites that fosters disagreement, frustration and confusion, it is […]

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Choice is a Matter of Choice

How often have you said to yourself “I have no choice”. Sometimes this little mantra can get us through a demanding phase, but when we start to believe it and make it part of our life it can make us unhappy.

Here’s an exercise in generating choice, because having choice and exercising it are two different things.

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Lunch and Learn

The Lunch and Learn (L’n’L) format allows attendees to receive short, focused training in a 60 minute slot, often during their lunch-hour. This approach is suitable for groups of 15 – 200, at any level of expertise. My L’n’L sessions use the same core material as that in my webinars, but with the added advantage of […]

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How to be more Resilient

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