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Happy New Year to all you all, loyal followers of my blog. You know who you are so I won’t address everyone by name.

I want to offer a real and sincere “thank you” for the support and encouragement you have given me over the few months since I launched I couldn’t have done it without you. The feedback I’ve had keeps me at it and helps shape what I write, and I rely on you to let me know if you think I’m losing it (or you), and if and how the topics I write on could be amplified or improved.

I’ve waited to post this because I didn’t want my message to be lost amid the excitement and clamour that goes with the arrival of the New Year.

Now that things have subsided a bit I’ve got two types of news: information, and promises.


The information you know about, mostly, as it is what I post daily on the blog. What you don’t realise, probably, is that I am shifting through a major career change and personal productivity boom. For several years I have been looking for ways to capitalise on my years of study and my experience, both professional and personal. A number of things have come together which have suddenly enabled this. Or, put another way, a wonderful constellation of circumstances means an auspicious start to 2015.

Speaking of constellations, I could avoid the next paragraph or two by simply saying that “the stars are in alignment”, or “my-chart-has-finally-begun-to-express-itself-in-a-true-manifestation-of-my-destiny…” etc. It’s obvious that, as far as astrology ir concerned, I don’t know what I’m talking about (not that ‘not knowing’ has ever stopped me ‘talking about’ anything). By the way, I am not mocking. Well, only a little, and I’m certainly not seeking to be offensive. It’s simply the ‘gentle mockery of friendship’ a saying I think I just made up. As you have probably realised, I don’t ‘do’ astrology.

But that doesn’t mean I mock it. I learned a long time ago that whatever a person’s belief system, it is not my place to disrespect or condemn it, though I might condemn the behaviour arising from it if it is harmful to others, toxic to the environment or it disturbs my peace. I can still make jokes about it though, and I accept that others might make jokes about me and my beliefs (though for the life of me I can’t see how they’d be funny!).

Back on track. I hope that you are still following me. Remember? I was saying something about how everything has come together to support the next iteration of my life. It is age-related. After years of what may have appeared to others – depending on their point of view – as either a glamorous and enviable travelling lifestyle, or as quixotic and irresponsible gadding about, it has seemed to me at times like bloody hard work! Travel is great, and I’ve been very lucky, but when it comes to travel for work, I’ve had enough. I want to work from the home that I share with my loved ones, and my dog (also a loved one but I have to cover myself here by placing him lower in the hierarchy).

Some people call it retirement, but to me it is a time of renewal, rebirth and recreation. I am as busy as I ever was, but for some reason (actually I know the reasons but this post is convoluted enough already), I find myself in a highly satisfying and productive phase where I not only can do what I want, I can do it with greater confidence.

Technology is the other big contributor. I have been blogging since 2007 and since that time I have been wanting to find ways of packaging what I do and making it available over the web. Though this has been possible for a long time it is only recently that it has become so easy. We have all the tools we need and they are mostly free!

Which brings me to the second type of news.


In the years since I started blogging I have learned not to make promises. The temptation with any new venture is to shout about what it will offer. With the web it is very tempting to do this but also very easy to promise things that later are not delivered. Just look at the number of blogs that are set up, looking great, but which stop posting after a few weeks or months. High hopes and best intentions can be difficult to deliver on when running a blog in your spare time. Inevitably real life gets in the way, interruptions occur, enthusiasm wanes…

So I haven’t made promises until I was sure that my intentions would materialise and be sustainable. I have been able – due in no small part to encouragement I’ve received cyberspace – to set up several new channels for doing what I do, and  a accessible new ways of bringing it to you.

A reminder (in case you have forgotten, and to be sure that I don’t):

In the stated aims of the blog is to provide content: “That will help you get a better handle on yourself and life in general, and to show how easy it is improve emotional wellbeing and to sweep away the doubts and uncertainties that often prevent people from sorting out the things that trouble them.”

In 2015 I shall still be travelling, running workshops and lecturing as opportunities arise, but rather than fitting in my favourite activities around my work, I’ll be doing it the other way round.

What this means is that there will be more ways for me to share information and engage with you, which brings me to my Promises.

1) I’ll be launching free podcasts in January. These will be weekly at first… Let’s see how it goes

2) I’m in the process of setting up online courses, These will be short, accessible and practical modules on topics that I developed and refined through conventional training and teaching at university.

3) As part of the above I’ll be offering webinars. Some will be free to subscribers, and again these will be tried and tested topics that I have been presenting for years

There will be more. My aim is to keep putting out thought-provoking ideas and practical information that will “help you get a better handle on yourself and life in general

As if that wasn’t enough…

In 2015 I want to give away as much as possible of the work I have been doing by sharing it with my subscribers and readers. I will also be repackaging parts of my library of training topics as online sessions. These won’t be free, but they will be at giveaway prices.

Best wishes for 2015, and I hope you find it in you to forge ahead in new directions, or, if that’s not for you, then at least that you challenge the things that have been holding you back. If neither wish applies to you then (write your own New Year’s wish here). As ever, if you get stuck in your plans, you know who to call, and our initial conversation will be free.

Best of luck, have a fulfilling 2015.

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