organisational resilience

A Workplace Webinar

Organisational resilience starts with and relies on the robustness of every employee. The indicators that signify organisational resilience are high employee morale, effective interpersonal communications, respect for the individual, the ability to tolerate uncertainty, and a sense of unity and belonging. This webinar provides supervisors and managers with the tools to enhance resilience in times of change and how to balance the needs of the organisation with those of their staff and employees. 

This webinar explains how  resilient organisation is better able to anticipate major events and change and respond to them proactively and in a way that maintains morale, performance, and productivity. Unpleasant or challenging events in the life of an organisation are not minimised or played down, but neither are they dramatised and exaggerated. A resilient organisation responds to critical period or crisis with purpose, commitment and future-focus.

In order for an organisation to have these capabilities, the people within it, must share the sense of purpose, optimism, and self-agency found in resilient individuals. Leaders and managers are vital in this regard. They act as role models and shape the culture to foster organisational resilience.


  • What makes a resilient organisation?
  • Leadership and role-modelling
  • 5 characteristics of resilient organisations
  • Individual resilience and proactivity
  • The attitude factor and forward-thinking
  • Developing a resilient team
  • Bouncing back from a crisis
  • Preparedness and keeping the skills alive.


Understanding how an individual can contribute to a robust and adaptable organisation

Build on organisational strengths and filling in the gaps

Recognise how personal qualities that shine can be the light that guides others

Understanding that leadership can happen at all levels

How short- and medium-term visions contribute to resilience.



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