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Peace begins with a smile.
Mother Theresa
We can all experience a feeling of goodwill, the trick is to bestow it generously, without precondition or judgement.

One Response to “Peace and Goodwill”

  1. Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, or whatever you celebrate. Enjoying your latest posts, as always. Will you ever come to New Zealand, would love to meet you – there is always a spare bed here!!!

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Are We Ever Finished?

We are able to look back on our lives and see how we have changed as we’ve aged, but we recoil from the idea that we will go on changing as we get older.
Could it be that though we can see that we have gained wisdom and insight with life’s experience, we nevertheless consider that the process is over and that at any given moment we are as wise as we’ll ever be?

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Keeping an Open Mind

Open mind good – closed mind bad; it is implied if not actually said.

The trouble is that even when the mind is open there is a sort of glass door just behind the opening that filters what comes in.

It’s no good having and open mind if it is only ‘open’ to what yo want to hear.

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