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Resilience and bounce back

Resilience is a person’s capacity to respond to periods of high demand by ‘bouncing back’. Maintaining morale and effectiveness in the face of challenge and unforeseen change is a key attribute in dealing with the rigours of work and life. Like the principle exercising for physical fitness and stamina, resilience is an acquired ability to skillfully manage cycles of stress and recovery.

Resilience key ideas

This clear and simple guide is an indispensable starting point if you want to be more emotionally robust. There are nine simple steps that anyone can start with. It’s a reminder of the key aspects and steps to take in building resilience. This can help you think of ways to respond more comfortably and creatively in times of high demand, and develop a more satisfying working life. Becoming more resilient requires a shift in thinking, and anyone can do it.

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How to be more Resilient

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Understand the steps to resilience and you can develop the ability to cope with problems and setbacks with less stress and more confidence.
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