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Serenity Cabin is a haven created by my wife, Angela. She is one of that intuitively natural healing-people. Originally trained as a beauty therapist, she retrained in healing massage when she realised the deeper benefits of facial massage for her clients.

Indian Head Massage and Thai foot Massage followed and her therapy now focuses exclusively on wellbeing for women. Her practice is established in her trademark Serenity Cabin, in the birdsong-rich environment at the end of our garden.

After relying on Facebook for many years, she recently added a lovely new website. Follow her and you also find out about her Seize the Day workshops that are held in-and outdoors adjacent to the iconic Seven Sisters, one of the greatest views Britain has to offer.

Please share this and help Angela, so that she reach the widest audience.

Go to the Serenity Cabin website

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How to Still Your Mind

control your thinking

The easiest way to think about not thinking is to start doing. Taking steps to become more aware of our physical experience is one way, but there are others. I’ve published a one-pay handout which you can download free.

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Work-life happiness

There’s life and there’s the job, right? Wrong. Instead of treating work and home as disjointed parts of the same existence, Anna Tims suggests a change in perception rather than a change in circumstances, and so re-infuse our lives with greater purpose and fulfilment. Work is not necessarily the enemy if it is managed correctly, and it can all be achieved without you having to trek through rain forests, climb a mountain or wear sackcloth.

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Not Perfect But Not Imperfect Either


Some people make a habit of publicising what they see as their imperfections by making apologising in advance. It’s not helpful to them, the situation, or the relationship.

And false modesty is not attractive.

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How to be more Resilient

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