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In order to sleep well and to wake feeling rested, it’s vital to develop helpful sleep habits. Regular bedtime routines are important, and irregularity tends to affect sleep quality and quantity. It’s almost as important to understand your BELIEFS about sleep.

Some people believe, for example, that social media before bed helps them to relax. Sleep studies show this is a false belief, and one that causes a lot of heartache, to boot.

My recent article outlines 10 of the most common factors that can threaten the quality of sleep and provides you with some tactical pointers. You can download the article below.

Proper sleep is not optional

I recently wrote about what constitutes healthy sleep. It isn’t just the amount of sleep we get that makes for a good night’s rest. On the contrary, too much sleep might be an indication that though there’s plenty of it, your slumber just isn’t doing its job.

There are many fallacies about sleep habits. One is that ‘a good night’s sleep’ is simply a matter of putting your head on the pillow. To be properly refreshing you need the right number of hours, to be sure, but when the QUALITY of our sleep is lacking you can still feel tired during the day.

In the same way, we can be misled into thinking that the QUANTITY of sleep is all-important, and ignore the QUALITY of sleep. But, if for whatever reason you have to reduce the hours available for sleeping, you should compensate by maximising the quality. And that is something which is learnable.

Marginal sleep gains

If you are well rested you won’t need this advice. But if you are a victim of poor sleep, these correcting these sleep spoilers can provide the marginal gains you need to begin to restore more satisfying sleep habits, and all the associated benefits that will bring.

Download the article to find out about the Sleep Spoilers.

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