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How did you sleep last night? How do you normally sleep? Was last night’s slumber better than usual, not as good as usual,… worse?

The Sleep Well Plan is an online course to help you beat insomnia and restore natural, healthy sleep. It teaches you sleep techniques that have been successfully helping clients in my therapy practice for 25 years.

The series of video lectures takes you step-by-step through the causes and remedies for insomnia. It will show you the vital importance of a pre-sleep routine and tell you how to stop worrying about lost sleep.

The Sleep Well Plan will help you if you:

  • Regularly find it difficult to get off to sleep, even when you are tired
  • Worry before bed about not sleeping and the thought just makes things worse
  • Wake in the night and just can’t get back to sleep no matter what you try
  • Have tried everything and you haven’t been able to improve your sleep
  • Are finding you need to nap during the day just to keep up.
  • Are living in a stressful situation and you need your sleep to deal with the situation
  • Find that tiredness during the day is having a bad effect on your work, career or motivation
  • Are in a profession where human error caused by fatigue can be dangerous or even fatal
  • You have tried prescriptions meds, but you are worried about side-effects like grogginess
  • Your sleep is disrupted because you have a new baby and you’d like to get maximum benefit from your broken sleep schedule
  • Don’t know why, but you wake in the morning still feeling tired.

If any of these apply to you, you can now put an end to poor sleep so that you wake refreshed and ready for more productive and fulfilling days. You can check out the Sleep Well Plan here.

What to expect

The Sleep Plan includes all the information you need and full instructions for improving the quantity and the quality of your sleep. It includes:

A series of short video lectures. You have permanent access to these so you can watch them as often as you like.

  • Proven, practical sleep exercises to help induce quickly sleep quickly
  • How to prepare your sleeping environment for a good night’s rest
  • Instructions for a pre-bed ritual to help you prepare for better sleep
  • Guided relaxation instructions to download and reuse
  • Regular updates as I add new resources
  • Further reading and bonus resources.

You’ll have permanent access. You can complete the lessons at your own pace, and repeat exercises whenever you want, and as often as you like.

And you get me!

And there’s more. As you work through the course I’m always available to answer questions or clarify anything you need help with. This is a process that enriches the course. Your questions help me understand your needs and my responses also help other students.

You can contact me via the comments section within each lesson, or by email. If necessary, I’m even happy to arrange a ‘phone or Skype call for a brief discussion. This is all part of the service, so there’s no extra charge.

What does it cost?

The Sleep Well Plan costs just £25.00! I know this price seems ridiculously low, it is. That’s about a third of what a single session of sleep therapy would cost you. But I want it to be accessible and for as many people as possible to benefit. I’ve written elsewhere about why I do what I do and why I offer so much of my material free or low-cost.

You might ask, “Why not free then?” Simple, when I offer my courses free people sign up quickly, but then most of them never actually do the course! I could charge more. I recently saw another sleep course selling for £189.00.

What to expect

If this sounds appealing and you want to enjoy better sleep soon, then enrol in The Sleep Well Plan. Stick to the plan and you’ll soon notice the difference. I know these techniques work because I’ve been using them with my clients for years.

In my experience, many people have found some immediate benefit from the methods taught in this course. Once you’ve understood that better sleep is achievable, other improvements follow.

And, the Sleep Plan comes with a guarantee, that you’ll be sleeping better within four weeks, or your money back! Pretty good huh?

PS: A testimonial

Geoff Green, naturopath and osteopath, recently completed this course. He gave it the maximum five stars. As a professional himself he recognises the value of good sleep and how we often under-estimate how important it is. Geoff said

“The course is very well produced, incredibly helpful and practical. I liked the idea of Barry talking us through the course lessons, alongside the relevant bullet points. It added a personal touch with extra dimension and interest.
“I liked the way the course presentation ticked boxes as we completed each section and let us know how far into the course we were. I highly recommend this course to poor sleepers and all healthcare professionals, many of whom, I know, are not always good sleepers themselves.”

Many thanks Geoff!

The Sleep Well Plan

I’m a psychologist, coach, and therapist. All my work is aimed at enabling people to improve personal aspects of their lives and work.


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