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Solution Focused Working for the Helping Professions is a one-day workshop which shows you how to have solution focused outcomes for your clients or service users. Perhaps you’d like to get ‘unstuck’ with a particular person or case, or you’d simply like to re-energise your practice and enjoy work more?

Solution Focused Working for the Helping Professions will show you how. By working collaboratively in a Solution Focused way you’ll find that with a slight shift of emphasis these things are possible.

Following the successful publication of his latest book of the same title, Barry Winbolt will guide you through the Solution Focused steps to working effectively, quickly, and with empathy.

The day is for anyone in the helping professions who wishes to be more effective in their work. Solution Focused working is build on client strengths and achievements. The facilitator will guide the participants through the principles and techniques of his approach to develop a productive working relationship with clients through the use of carefully constructed questions which move towards the co-creation of the client’s solutions. He’ll use case studies to illustrate the ideas and bring it to life.


  • Introduction to Solution Focused working
  • Expectations for the day
  • Terminology and topics to be covered
  • What exactly is ‘brief’?
  • How the helping professions use therapy skills
  • Outline and brief history of the Solution Focused approaches
  • Understanding and matching the client’s expectations
  • How the solution becomes part of the problem
  • Changing the focus: from problems to solutions
  • Defining the working relationship
  • Turning problems into goals
  • Breaking down harmful beliefs
  • Setting up the milestones, scaling and measuring progress
  • The Miracle Question and other devices
  • The initial consultation, reframing, challenging and normalising
  • The use of presupposition, recognising and amplifying change
  • Finding exceptions to the problem
  • Identifying and building on client resources
  • Treating each session as unique
  • Follow up sessions and progress
  • Eliciting reports of positive change
  • The relationship: Customer, Complainant or Visitor?
  • Tasking and homework assignments
  • Planning for ‘setbacks’ and keeping the progress going
  • Enhancing client autonomy.


This course is designed to enable attendees to:

Develop an understanding of the solution focused approach
Practice the skills needed to apply it
Learn how to help clients define achievable goals
Identify what is already working in clients’ lives and therapy
Set tasks to build client (and therapist) autonomy
Measure progress and help the client identify with it
Provide a plan for when you are ‘stumped’
Anticipate the setbacks which can result in frustration or failure.

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BARRY WINBOLT MSc. is a therapist, consultant and writer. He has been applying Solution Focused ideas in therapy and the workplace for almost 20 years and over the same time has advised people in many cultures on how to improve their working relationships and enhance the quality of their lives.His latest book, Solution Focused Therapy for the Helping Professions, was published in December 2010 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

People who have been helped by this course

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Charity workers



Healthcare staff

HR Professionals


Medical staff

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Occupational Therapists




Social Workers

Speech and Language therapists

Special Needs staff



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