stress webinar

Staff are increasingly expected to work under pressure. Changing roles, extra demands, job uncertainty and a variety of other factors mean that employees must be supported if they are to remain effective in their work. This webinar can help head off confusion and hopelessness and deal with the stressors that can result in absenteeism and poor performance. 

This information is a must for organisations experiencing pressure or change of any kind. Originally for the corporate sector, this popularl webinar has now been specifically adapted to the needs of the helping professions, including people working in health, social care, teaching and education, local authorities and charities. 


  • Understanding stress and emotional management
  • Stress cycles; work, home and lifestyle
  • How to spot the common triggers
  • Warning signs; emotional, physiological and behavioural
  • Protecting yourself from stress build-up
  • Practical skills to reduce the effects of stress
  • How to be empathetic and avoid burn-out
  • Recognising your own limits and the early warning signs
  • Identifying personal resources and developing a personal programme.


Understand the emotional patterns that drive ‘stress’

Understand how to take remedial action

Avoid ‘taking the problem home’ with you

Work more objectively when under pressure

Develop a personal stress plan

Know when to ask for help.

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