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Counter Acceptance and Apathy – Nurture Curiosity and be Lustful

Curiosity has been called ‘The Lust of the Mind’. Not a bad image, and on that also conjures up self-indulgance.

Many great creators and thinkers have extolled the virtues of curiosity, and the value of keeping it alive. Like anything we think about though, we can fall into lazy habits that just don’t do the job.

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Communication Breakdown? Really?

communication breakdown

There is no such thing as a ‘communication breakdown’.

We here about it all time time, but I think this is a an inaccurate and limiting term which does more harm than good. Here’s why.

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Alchemy, Magic and Spirituality

I was thinking about alchemy, the way you do, and it occurred to me that it was one of those ’throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ moments that litter our social history. Alchemists are generally presented as being somewhere on the spectrum of human folly between deluded madmen and charlatans, for presuming they could […]

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Life Affirming Interviews

If you have ever done a meaningful interview with another person you’ll know how difficult it is to predict or control the course of the conversation. It’s an organic process which can be revealing and life affirming. In this TED Talk Dave Isay tells how he set up StoryCorps, and the unexpected and moving consequences.. […]

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Don’t Think You’re Qualified to Help Others? Take This Quiz

DIY Therapy, Ecotherapy

Since when did you need to be ‘qualified’ to hep another human being. Social contact, warmth, a sense of belonging and supportive relationships are powerful healing agents.

By contrast, the systems of care that we rely on are overworked, inadequately resources and, to many people, unavailable just when they are needed most.

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How’s Your Inner Security?

We are constantly warned about cyber security and the threat posed by hackers. It’s an interesting concept that can be applied not just to computers, but to us as well.

Our inner security and peace of mind rely on us having clear values and a sense of who we are, so we don’t become victims of emotional malware.

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Fifty Shades of Green

In a world where everything is connected the one thing that we find difficulty in gaining instant access to is ourselves.

This causes all sorts of problems, but it’s easily remedied.

Being able to pay attention in a purposeful way is a good starting point.

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Spirituality is Not a Serious Matter

We are all spiritual beings in that we have an inner life that is at least as important as what goes on around us. When you read about people we look to as role models and exemplars – those who have achieved something noteworthy or admirable – they always acknowledge the importance of self knowledge and attitude, and […]

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