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Choice is Empowering

Being ‘spoilt for choice’ is a nicer problem to have than feeling trapped by circumstance.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in a situation you feel helpless to change, creating a range of options can be empowering, without having to actually do anything else.

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Counter Acceptance and Apathy – Nurture Curiosity and be Lustful

Curiosity has been called ‘The Lust of the Mind’. Not a bad image, and on that also conjures up self-indulgance.

Many great creators and thinkers have extolled the virtues of curiosity, and the value of keeping it alive. Like anything we think about though, we can fall into lazy habits that just don’t do the job.

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Comparing Has No Practical Value


Arriving somewhere new always tempts comparison with what we already know. It is a habit that is best resisted if you want to get the most of where you are when you arrive.

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Yes-No Choices – Not Everything Is That Simple

yes-no choices, skills of resilience

The neat categorising and packaging of ideas and information is venerated in many of our world. Manipulative? Sure. And also respected, even sought after, but never adequate to cover all situations.

Don’t you agree, or perhaps you disagree?

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When Turning Away Fails

There’s a time to realise that doing what you’ve always done (yet again) might not be the best way forward.

It goes against the grain, but that’s probably the point.

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Over the Hill by 30? Think Again

“You’re over the hill by 30” (Einstien). It takes 10k hours of study to excel (Gladwell) Or, think again! Good stuff, creativity, originality and success continue happening way into old age. Before falling in line with society’s ageist propaganda, watch Jonathan Sackner-Bernstein.

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On Becoming the Person You’d Like To Be

Most of us have something about ourselves that we’d like to change or improve on. Having a clear idea of where you’d like to end up is more important than worrying how you’ll get there.

But the vision needs to be more than just vague and wooly aspirations like “To be happier”, or “To be comfortable in life”. Sensible though such hankerings are, they don’t contain enough detail to guide you.

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