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Walking on eggshells, how to discuss sensitive issues

Most of us are careful about how we tackle sensitive issues with colleagues and family members. This article provides some pointers on how to go about raising a subject you have been avoiding, to help tackle delicate matters in a productive, fair and balanced way, and to be sure of getting the results you need. Getting the other person's attention, striking the right note and ensuring that something changes is the challenge.

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Dialogue is Devalued by Careless Use

Dialogue is a distinctive kind of communication that allows people to connect and build shared meaning. The term is often misused, and this leads to devaluation, misunderstanding and missed opportunities. I have produced a free Dialogue Toolkit as a guide. You can download it via this post.

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For your next meeting, take a hike!

Literally? Well, not a hike perhaps as there's generally not enough time, but you can manage a walk. Fresh air drives fresh thinking. Make your next meeting a walk in the park.

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