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Open plan is closing people off

Open plan is meant to improve productivity and efficiency. Cost-obsessed employers seem oblivious to what people really think about working this way, and the damage to morale and productivity. The research is showing that removing walls may take down some of the barriers, but it also increases some of the problems it is meant to fix.

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Labels are Judgements, and They Stop You Thinking

Difficult? Narcissistic? Self-Centered? It's natural and easy to stick labels on people, specially if they are nasty to you. You might feel better for a moment, but it limits your possibilities for responding to them in a creative way.

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When Couples Argue Constantly – Tackle Difficulty, Not ‘Fix’ Difference

Have you noticed how arguments often develop a life of their own? Quite apart from the messy interpersonal stuff like feelings and judgements, there's the question of understanding HOW to argue. For example, the difficulty (tension, disagreement, argument), can be resolved quickly, as long as you can learn to coexist with the differences between you.

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Cluttered office, cluttered mind?

There is a difference between ‘work in progress’, and a mess. Untidy office space damages relationships, performance, morale, and more. It also broadcasts a message you might not want to share, but does a cluttered office necessarily say something about the occupant's mind?

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