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Workplace Relationships Count for a Lot

workplace relationships

Human relationships are like an organisation’s DNA. Healthy and robust relationships make for stronger and more successful companies. The quality of the relationships affects everything from levels of motivation and trust to overall performance. Poor working relationships, on the other hand, are huge contributor to under-performance, unnecessary running costs, staff turnover and more.

Despite the vital importance of how people interact at work peoples’ relationships in most organisations get no attention, until something goes wrong.

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Rudeness is Infectious

If you’ve ever worked in an unhappy office you’ll know what a downer it can be. In my work I have often spoken about organisational responsibility for a healthy workplace culture, but though some well-intentioned individuals are committed to it, most organisations do very little about actively fostering a positive culture. They do even less about stamping […]

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My New Online Training School

Barry Winbolt's online school

Things move on and I’ve evolved. The growth of online learning and the possibilities it offers are changing attitudes, methods, and me too. My Online Training School is now open for business, and I’m refreshing my programme of free webinars.

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Communication Breakdown? Really?

communication breakdown

There is no such thing as a ‘communication breakdown’.

We here about it all time time, but I think this is a an inaccurate and limiting term which does more harm than good. Here’s why.

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A New Slant On Difficult Behaviour

A New Slant on Difficult Behaviour

If you have to deal with a difficult person regularly you’ll know that it can be a pain. It may be a minor irritant, but at its worst, persistent difficult behaviour can force you to leave your job and/or make you ill.

Believe it or not, there’s a good side. Here’s why I think that is.

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Walking on eggshells, how to discuss sensitive issues

Difficult conversations

Most of us are careful about how we tackle sensitive issues with colleagues and family members. This article provides some pointers on how to go about raising a subject you have been avoiding, to help tackle delicate matters in a productive, fair and balanced way, and to be sure of getting the results you need. Getting the other person’s attention, striking the right note and ensuring that something changes is the challenge.

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Conflict: Agenda for Managers

Conflict at work, effects of conflict

When a dispute between employees becomes visible it usually falls to a manager to intervene but few are confident in doing this so they’ll often ignore the conflict in the hope that it’ll go away, downplay the seriousness of the disagreement, or approach it ineffectively.
Research by OPP charts the costs and benefits of conflict, and a guide from CIPD identifies the behaviours that will help managers recognise and proactively manage disputes at work.

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