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How to Still Your Mind

control your thinking

The easiest way to think about not thinking is to start doing. Taking steps to become more aware of our physical experience is one way, but there are others. I’ve published a one-pay handout which you can download free.

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Handout – Dialogue vs Debate

dialogue vs debate

‘Dialogue’ is a powerful way of communicating that provides a route to increased understanding, shared experience, more effective relationships and resolving conflict. This handout explains how it differs from other kinds of discussion.

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Planning a Tricky Conversation

communication breakdown, tricky conversation, personal consulting, managing conflict

A tricky conversation is one you’d rather put off or even avoid altogether. When you know how it is less intimidating, and you can be in control of the conversation.

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SFBT session guide

When starting out in Solution Focused practice it can be tricky for the practitioner to keep the basic structure in mind. This session protocol will guide can be used as a revision tool or for prompting you during sessions.

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Personal Consulting and Life Choices

Personal consulting life choices

Personal consulting helps with life choices. When you feel stuck, or you need someone to bounce ideas off, or talk them through before making an important decision.

I developed the model out of necessity, I’ve published an article explaining how and why.

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Why Brief Therapists Have More Fun

Brief Therapy

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is enjoying a surge in popularity across a range of professions. One reason for this is because, I believe, people in the helping professions are expected to do more with less.

But there’s another important reason that you won’t generally hear about; brief therapists have more fun.

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