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Compassion Starts At Home

healthy mind, DIY Therapy, self-compassion

When we think of compassion we naturally think of it being directed towards others, but we must also have self-compassion, though for some people this is a challenge.

Being compassionate can make you a better person, and help you flourish. Like charity, compassion starts at home, quite literally.

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Persuasion and Healing

The most obvious tactics often don’t work. Empathy and ‘getting alongside’ is often more effective.

Here’s a heartwarming and informative video. It has a big aaaah! factor, for sure, but like so many of these things it is a real opportunity to re-learn something we all know how to do.

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Never Mind What Others Think

what others think

Even though we don’t realise it when we say we know what someone thinks about something, we are guessing. Even mind-reading – in a fairground or on stage – is trickery.

Yet we often allow our own thoughts and behaviour to be goverened by what we claim someone else will think. Maybe it’s time to review what we ‘know’.

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How to Show Empathy

What is the difference between empathy and sympathy, and why does on bring us together while the other drives us apart?

It takes Dr Brené Brown just over two minute to explain in this video.

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Practical Wisdom

In so many jobs, it’s the not-obvious bits that make a difference. Or as Barry Schwartz says, you don’t have to be brilliant, to be wise.

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Don’t Think You’re Qualified to Help Others? Take This Quiz

DIY Therapy, Ecotherapy

Since when did you need to be ‘qualified’ to hep another human being. Social contact, warmth, a sense of belonging and supportive relationships are powerful healing agents.

By contrast, the systems of care that we rely on are overworked, inadequately resources and, to many people, unavailable just when they are needed most.

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