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Why Emotional Intelligence Matters More Than You’d Think

Your Emotional intelligence determines how well you handle yourself in life and in general and even influences your popularity. It is a key aspect of how to recognise and manage your emotions, and how you interact with others.

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Compassion Starts At Home

When we think of compassion we naturally think of it being directed towards others, but we must also have self-compassion, though for some people this is a challenge. Being compassionate can make you a better person, and help you flourish. Like charity, compassion starts at home, quite literally.

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Persuasion and Healing

The most obvious tactics often don't work. Empathy and 'getting alongside' is often more effective. Here's a heartwarming and informative video. It has a big aaaah! factor, for sure, but like so many of these things it is a real opportunity to re-learn something we all know how to do.

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Never Mind What Others Think

Even though we don't realise it when we say we know what someone thinks about something, we are guessing. Even mind-reading – in a fairground or on stage – is trickery. Yet we often allow our own thoughts and behaviour to be goverened by what we claim someone else will think. Maybe it's time to review what we 'know'.

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